Evinrude Outboards Decals

1975 Evinrude 6 hp decal set 0279810 0207355
APPLIQUE Front decal

1975 Evinrude 6 hp decal set 0279810 and 0207355 front aplique decal (7).

1975 Evinrude 6 hp decal set 0279810 0207355
APPLIQUE Front decal paint spay 1 qt can white 1722756 278493 blue 172690 279632

Buy these decals by the each to replace old decals on your evinrude motor. Decals are made of outdoors resistant vinyl and laminate with UV protected.

1975 Evinrude 6 hp decal set 0279810

Decal kit for evinrude 6 hp from the mid 70's 1975. This decal set is also used on Evinrude 1975 6 hp reference EVINRUDE 1975 6504R, 6505R MOTOR COVER

Price: US$ 35.00

This evinrude decal set includes:

  • Six horsepower front applique decal
  • Latch/unlatch decal
  • Reverse Neutral Forward decal
  • Evinrude rear decal E logo
  • 6 Evinrude decal port side
  • Evinrude 6 decal starboard side

All decals are set over a clear transfer/application tape for easy installation.

Send us an email if you need our help to figure out the size for your outboard. Also, make sure you are able to provide us your cowling measurements and pictures if possible.

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