Johnson Outboard Decals

Johnson 35 hp decal set red/black late 70's

All other color combinations available upon request, this set of decals may work on johnson outboards from the late 70's and others.

Johnson 70 hp decal set

Decal set for a Johnson 70 hp late 70's 70EL77 #70EL77S decals

Price: US$ 70.00

You get (14) decals

  • 70 Johnson side decals
  • Sides stripes decals
  • Sea-Horse decal Black/Red
  • Latch/Unlatch decals
  • Reverse-Neutral-Forward Decal
  • Rectangle Sea Horse decal
  • Lower unit stripe decal

All decals are set over a clear transfer/application tape for easy installation.

Send us an email if you need our help to figure out the size for your outboard. Also, make sure you are able to provide us your cowling measurements and pictures if possible.

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Johnson 35 hp decal set red/black late 70's

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