MARINER Outboards Decals

1996 - 2007 Mariner Outboard decal set - 50 hp - Red decal kit set sticker stickers graphics OEM 37-816940A97 M-816940A97 DECAL SET replica (GRAY 50) USA-S/N-0G438000 & UP BEL-S/N-9927000 & UP
1050302SD 1050312SD 1050312SR 1050411SD 1050412SD 1055207SD 1055207SR 1055217SD 1055217SR 1055227SD 1055227SR 1060217SD 1060227SD 1060302SD 1060312SD 1060312SR 1060411SD 1060412SD 1060412SN 1060412ST 1060452SD 7050302ED 7050312ED 7050411ED 7050412ED 7055207ED 7055217ED 7055227ED 7055227ER 7060217ED 7060227ED 7060302ED 7060312ED 7060312ER 7060411ED 7060412ED 7060412ET 7060452ED.
10503027D 1050302TD 10503127D 1050312TD 10504117D 1050411TD 10504127D 1050412TD 1050412TE 10552077D 1055207TD 10552177D 1055217TD 1055217TE 10552277D 1055227TD 1055227TE 10602177D 1060217TD 1060217TE 10602277D 1060227TD 1060227TE 10603027D 1060302TD 10603127D 1060312TD 10603527D 1060352TD 10603727D 1060372TD 10604117D 10604117N 1060411TD 1060411TN 10604127D 10604127N 1060412TD 1060412TE 1060412TN 10604527D 10604527N 1060452TD 1060452TN 70503027B 70503027D 7050302FD 70503127D 70503127R 7050312FD 70504117D 7050411FD 70504127D 7050412FD 70552077D 7055207FD 70552177D 70552177R 7055217FD 7055217FE 7055217FR 70552277D 7055227FD 7055227FE 70602177D 7060217FD 7060217FE 70602277D 7060227FD 70603027D 7060302FD 70603127D 7060312FD 70603727D 7060372FD 70604117D 7060411FD 70604127D 7060412FD 70604527D 7060452FD.

Mariner Outboard decals for your Mariner Outboard engine, decals are made on cast vinyl with solvent ink print UV protected and laminate.

OEM 37-816940A97 M-816940A97 DECAL SET replica (GRAY 50) USA-S/N-0G438000 & UP BEL-S/N-9927000 & UP

  • Mariner 1996 50 hp
    1050302SD, 1050312SD, 1050312SR, 1050411SD, 1050412SD, 1055207SD, 1055207SR, 1055217SD, 1055217SR, 1055227SD, 1055227SR, 1060217SD, 1060227SD, 1060302SD, 1060312SD, 1060312SR, 1060411SD, 1060412SD, 1060412SN, 1060412ST, 1060452SD, 7050302ED, 7050312ED, 7050411ED, 7050412ED, 7055207ED, 7055217ED, 7055227ED, 7055227ER, 7060217ED, 7060227ED, 7060302ED, 7060312ED, 7060312ER, 7060411ED, 7060412ED, 7060412ET, 7060452ED.
  • Mariner 1997 50 hp
    10503027D, 1050302TD, 10503127D, 1050312TD, 10504117D, 1050411TD, 10504127D, 1050412TD, 1050412TE, 10552077D, 1055207TD, 10552177D, 1055217TD, 1055217TE, 10552277D, 1055227TD, 1055227TE, 10602177D, 1060217TD, 1060217TE, 10602277D, 1060227TD, 1060227TE, 10603027D, 1060302TD, 10603127D, 1060312TD, 10603527D, 1060352TD, 10603727D, 1060372TD, 10604117D, 10604117N, 1060411TD, 1060411TN, 10604127D, 10604127N, 1060412TD, 1060412TE, 1060412TN, 10604527D, 10604527N, 1060452TD, 1060452TN, 70503027B, 70503027D, 7050302FD, 70503127D, 70503127R, 7050312FD, 70504117D, 7050411FD, 70504127D, 7050412FD, 70552077D, 7055207FD, 70552177D, 70552177R, 7055217FD, 7055217FE, 7055217FR, 70552277D, 7055227FD, 7055227FE, 70602177D, 7060217FD, 7060217FE, 70602277D, 7060227FD, 70603027D, 7060302FD, 70603127D, 7060312FD, 70603727D, 7060372FD, 70604117D, 7060411FD, 70604127D, 7060412FD, 70604527D, 7060452FD.

All other hp and Blue set version available upon request. this set with little variations may work on 45 jet, 50 hp, 55 hp and 60 hp covers.

1996-1997 Mariner 50 hp Decal set Red

Mariner outboard decal set replica made on red for 50 hp Mariner Outboards from 1996-1997.

Fresh decals printed today, not old stocks stored on the shelf for years about to expire.

Price: US$ 75.00

You get (9) decals total:

  • Mariner front decal
  • 50 hp decal - Front Side
  • 50 hp decal - Rear Side
  • Mariner decal - Starboard Side
  • 50 hp decal - Starboard Side
  • R-N-F decal
  • Slow - Fast decal
  • Mariner decal - Port Side
  • 50 hp decal - Port Side

All decals are set over a clear transfer/application tape for easy installation.

Want to order this same set for your engine?
Send us an email if you want to order this same decal set for other hp rating, make sure to provide the lenght of the full wrapping around decal to make a set for you.

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