Have you received a PayPal Invoice from us?

PayPal is very easy, all you need to have is your credit card or check book on your hand.

If you are using for a first time PayPal and this is a custom order, we send you an invoice by e-mail like this:

email recieved

Click on "Pay Invoice" Button to see your invoice page at Paypal.
(Paypal is just our payment processor. we accept all cards)

If button don't work from your email because firewalls or filters, look for this part on the email, there will be a link that will send you to see the details of the invoice. If you cannot click on it, please copy the link. there are instructions also.

click on link

To copy the link highlight the link doing click and holding from the beginning of the line until the end, the text will turn blue, then right click on the selected part and select copy from the menu.
Go to your browser, clear text box for the address, then do a right click with your mouse and paste the link (address) previously copied.
paste link on browser

After you paste the link click enter
link on browser

You will be prompt to PayPal Website
Here is a sample of the page:

paypal page to complete transaction

If you do not have a PayPal account select “Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (if available).”

We mark this field on yellow over  the image to easy locate.

Dont have a Paypal Account

Form frame will load for few seconds... Loading..

Dont have a Paypal Account

Complete this form with your billing information, make sure your name is exactly as appears on the card as well the address, provide a phone number an email to get a receipt of this transaction.

Dont have a Paypal Account

credit card information or bank information.

Dont have a Paypal Account

Click Review continue at the end of this form , Problems with you card?click on the link to see the possible reasons.

If accepted, You will see the address where you order will be shipped, if it is different than your billing address, once you click on the "pen icon", you will be able to change it to other address if apply, ORDERS WILL BE SENT ONLY TO THE SHIPPING ADDRESS DESCRIBED ON YOUR RECEIPT. as well you can select the shipping options available to send you order, amount charge on your card and the email address where you are going to receive your receipt, and tracking status of you order.

Dont have a Paypal Account

Click Pay Now to complete you order.

If you get this screen asking you to log in or complete sign up with Paypal, you can complete it Is not mandatory to create an account, to skip just click No, thanks and...

Dont have a Paypal Account

The next screen will complete you order and will give you a confirmation code. print this page as receipt, also an email is been sent to the email you provide.

Dont have a Paypal Account

If you don't have an email on your Inbox from PayPal about this transaction your payment was never submitted.(sometimes is takes 5 minutes to get there). Save you confirmation number or print this page if you want.


If you are having problems to place this order call us to see how we can help you or believe you do not want to sign up on PayPal, send us a money order to our address.