Custom Decals - Custom Orders

Easy steps during your Decal Custom Order

  1. Send us an email with details of your custom made decal request.

    Please send one picture for each side of your cowling or each decal, and we will mark the areas where we need measurements.

    If you have the old decals, please do not remove them before we vectorize the files and you approve the artwork, we may need extra information to make them.

    Learn how to deliver this information.
  2. As soon as we receive all this information from you, will be sent an estimate via email with the price and approximate time frame to complete the project. Some orders take less than others

    Estimated time as today:
    between 15 Business days or less.

  3. PayPal Invoice will be sent on separate email to submit your order.
  4. Once you submit your payment order will be added to our backlog, one of our designers will start working on your Custom Decal Order.
  5. We will keep you updated throughout the process with e-mails that include images of the decals you order, a fast reply on our communication will help us to meet the estimated deadline, we love to finish before, without compromising quality!.

    If you are not satisfied with our work on the design process, we can try again, remember we work to satisfy your needs and if we fail on it, we will refund your money.
  6. Once you approve the artwork of your custom made decals, we will print and ship your order.

Orders will be ship to you via USPS Mail® (default mailing option) or carrier that you have chosen initially. Free Shipping promotion valid only for decals self-orders on our store, custom orders are not included.

Send us an e-mail to get started today.

If you have any more questions, please email us so we can answer them for you.


How to submit a Decal Custom Made Order

Thanks in advance for counting on us to help with your custom made decal project. We have a few preliminary details that will help us understand with exactitude what you want for your custom made decal order:

Do you want a replica of a decal or a brand new design?

Please provide us with the year, make, model, and the exact size of your decal (boat, outboard, motorcycle, etc.) Most of the "custom made decals" done for us are listed on the website; other stickers may be on file from uncompleted projects.

We need paper tracings, hard samples, color hard-samples, pictures and measurements to make your custom made decal in record time with a high-quality design.

Submit one picture for each side of your cowling we will make marks to your photos on the areas we need to get measurements.

If you cannot find the reference information, then you can provide us pictures of the old decal or design. These pictures can be your own or come from catalogs or photos online. For custom made decal orders, you can send any drawing, either by hand or computer. We are more than happy to understand what you want.

Here is a sample of how you can take and provide the measurements:

custom made decal measurements for outboards

Provide measurements in inches or centimeters. If you have an odd shape decal, we need a paper trace, as an alternative make triangulation with your measurements (see green lines on the image below).

Use masking tape to take measurements and pictures, are the best for us to bring the proportions to the computer with accuracy. Here is an image to give you an idea of how to make them and what measurements to take, even on the available area to place the custom made decal you want us to make or the actual decal.

custom made decal, measurements sample

You can use "blue masking tape" or "yellow masking tape" to mark the areas of your custom made decals, they work beautiful and safe, especially for those just painted surfaces.

Measurement Summary

The Measurement Summary that we will need from you need to include the following:

• Top left to bottom left: __________
• Top right to bottom right: __________
• Top left to top right: __________
• Bottom left to bottom right: __________
• Top left to bottom right: __________
• Top right to bottom left: __________

If your decal wraps around the cowling

please provide:

  • The total length of the decal
  • Length of the decal on each side (corner to corner)
  • If decal changes on height try to locate areas where changes and describe the distance between each change. This marks will help us to figure out the exact shape.

We will need to know the specific area that is available to work on inches or centimeters.

Take the measurements of each detail inside the decal as well, Including letters, circles, or stripes. If possible, provide close up pictures (high resolution is the best). Consider marking clear or transparent decals, the edge of the sticker (transparent area) and the size of the graphics to be reproduced the same way.


GS Grid decal replica tool

Get our GS Grid measurements decal tool see how it works.


See how to measure an angle with a Protractor

If there is any vent with a slanted detail, slanted letters or stripes, please provide the calculated angle, on most cases triangulation works, we prefer to have both triangulation and the angle size (Use a Protractor) for better reference.


Describe Colors

We will try to get the color of the custom made decal as close as possible to the description and manufacturer descriptions. Describe if there is a gradient color, unique pattern silver or gold details. We can create almost any color on a digital process that will look very similar to the one you like.

If you need specific colors to match some existing decals, stripes, upholstery or bimini top, please mail a color sample to find the best media options that will match or to color proof and reproduce the color on a digital printing process.

digital color chart
We have limitations to reproduce colors, and we can go 90% close to the most complicated colors.

If you need a decal with a metallic color combination and white, you will need to choose one of them.
1) Prints over white media with a digital representation of the metallic color or
2) Prints over metallic media, white will be the naked color of the gold, silver or reflective vinyl used to print.

IMPORTANT: without hard samples, we can not guarantee that the color will closely match.

Digital proofs may vary on different screens, and buyer assumes liability if color varies from with a digital proof and the print decal received.

FAMILIAR WITH PANTONE COLORS? Use this page to pick a digital color sample for your project: Choose a Graphic Designer palette color

Try to get a color match here at this website: an RGB conversion to CMYK may go Closer ( Provide color name and code).

We can make any flat vinyl decals that you need at any size. Price may vary depending on size and details.

Get a Color Code from Hardware Store for your Custom Made Decals.

The method we found to match colors without to wait on the mail to get a hard sample is visiting your local hardware or paint store (Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, or others), and pick a paint color card that matches the color you want. After you know the exact color, send us the color code, via email,  pictures of the color-card displaying the color-code, brand, and we will try to get another one here on our nearest store. We will match the color based on that card, while we do a printing color match.

Please feel free to ask us any questions. There are no silly questions, but it can be stupid not to ask. Remember that we are here to help you.


Business Support:

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  • We do not accept changes to your decals or refunds after you have approved the artwork.
  • We do not refund shipping charges.
  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges including but not limited to returns or orders that needed resent.